Thursday, July 25, 2013


A friend of my husband saw my work and then went home. A few days later he sent me the following link. I want to use some of these images as inspiration for my work. Check it out and tell me which are your favorites.
Enjoy these beautiful images.

Monday, July 22, 2013

The Wave, The Ocean

I have discovered a way to make my own templates so that I can control the way the paper is pushed away from my printing surface. This template is one large spiral. See more of my art at:

Step by Step. Beach Stones

Sometimes inspiration comes at the oddest times. The inspiration for this series came while I was in the bathroom looking at my bath mat. 'Hmmm', says I, ' I wonder what would happen if...' So I took the bath mat into my studio and here is a series of photos of what evolved.

Here is the raw print created by the mat.                   I next went over the print with water and a brush
                                                                                  and removed some of the pigment from the stones.

The paint is removed. I then went                                   Here, on the left, you can see the stones             back and erased more pigment.                                        emerging. This took hours before I could
                                                                                         begin to draw into the print.