Friday, December 28, 2012

A Leap of .... Curiosity..preparing to jump

     If you have seen my work you probably wondered what it has to do with fractals. It has TONS to do with fractals and fractal geometry. I, however, can not do the math, although I understand the ideas behind it.
     I draw fractals found in nature and the human body. I abstract some of the concepts to do tilings and geographical drawings. My favorite, however, is a Surrealist technique.
      The Surrealists developed and perfected a process called 'decalcomania'. This is a word borrowed from potters and their system of decals to decorate pottery: transferring an image using specialty paper.
For the Surrealists it was transferring paint from one surface to another using surface tension. The tension in the paint as the two surfaces are separated causes a branching pattern to occur. This process, at some point, has all five of the components of fractal geometry. There is self-similarity, scaling, recursion, infinity and the fractal dimension.
      Here is a sample of basic decalcomania.