Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Wings, Butterfly, Butterfly Wing

This is one of my early experimental pieces and is still one of my favorites. After the print was pulled I removed quite a bit of the pigment using brushes and water. Then colored pencil was used to add deeper shadows and clarity. Visit my website to see how my work has evolved.

Trumpet Vine, Flowers

This piece was created by pulling up the corners of the paper until the paper was at its halfway point. Then it was lifted off of the pigment. Do you see the trumpet vine? To see more of my work please visit:

Chain of Lakes

 This is the only piece that I have done that is all acrylic. The resulting piece reminds me of a topographical map of a chain of lakes. I spend my summers on the Huron River in Michigan enjoying just such a chain of lakes. To see more experimental art: